Flu vaccinations

Winter is upon us, be prepared!

Influenza is a costly disease to individuals, businesses and communities.

However vaccination reduces the likelihood of influenza. 


Free flu vaccination available to the following persons:

  • Children less than 5 years of age (6 months to 5yrs) 
  • Any persons with chronic disease (e.g. diabetes, heart, liver, kidney and lung disease, haematological, neurological and immunocompromised e.g. cancer treatment etc)
  • Pregnant women (at any stage of the pregnancy)
  • Persons older than 65 years of age or older

For all other persons outside these categories of people:

Call in to see the doctor for your script. Once you have obtained the flu vaccine from the local pharmacy, our suitably qualified staff will administer it for you.

Free government Flu vaccines for the eligible groups will be available from mid April. So do not hesitate to call our friendly reception staff for your flu shot, to offer you and your family protection against virulent strains of influenza.